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Soli Deo Gloria

Moon River ♥.

Book to read in-between. I am learning a lot from the first few pages.

None but Jesus.

Fall seven times and stand up eight.

Letters ready to be delivered. =)

Me with my not-so-lil-anymore brother. Why grow up so fast? #flashbackfriday #brotherlove

Truth: I haven’t been up there because I have been saving that moment with you.

Applicable for everyone I think. #precioustime

Contrast and shadow. #POOTD #translucent

When i wanted to cry this night, this letter (the words and everything in it!) made me glad. Thank you Lord for Jonas’ life. He is a wonderful present indeed. ♥ #ifoundabrother #lovelove

The sun and moon love affair.

Capturing Sydney through this postcard. ♥
Thank you for always remembering.